What a Student’s Got to Say Got to Say ’bout It (Part 2)

What a Student’s Got to Say Got to Say ’bout It (Part 2)

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Kiera’s Log – February 1st, 2013


Today I got to spend the day at Metropolitan Arts and Technology (fondly referred to as Metro). It is the first time I have seen the students since before winter break as well as their teacher, who was out on paternity leave – Congrats!!

Here is what the students at Metro have to say.




Kiera – “What do you like about Blended Learning and having Chromebooks in your classroom?”

Spencer – “It is nice to go at your own pace, not having to stay with the rest of the students. I generally do work at a faster than my peers. Also, with a worksheet you have all the other problems lined up and you know how much work you have to do, but with Khan Academy you can take your time and relax and just work on the problem”

Kiera – “Do you think that the Blended Learning program has impacted your learning?”

Spencer -“I think my learning had been better as a result of using Khan Academy because if you get the wrong answer there is a hint and its explains step by step so that you can learn from your mistakes and get the right answer”






Kiera – “What do you like about Blended Learning and having Chromebooks in your classroom?”

Shaun – “I like how we can use Chromebooks instead of just writing things down on paper.  I like technology because I can get help. For example, like how there is a link to the YouTube video because you can get help even if the teacher is helping someone else. I also use the hints to help me figure out things I don’t know. The hints are good, so usually by the 2nd hint I know what to do.”

Kiera – “So you are talking about Khan Academy and what you like about that, is there other programs that you have used and learned from?”

Shaun – “We also used the Chromebooks to work on desmos.com (for our exhibition, remember? You helped me with my graph?). We did graphs that show how our brain works (I did mine like a life support monitor) cause my brain goes up and down, like when I get distracted my brain is just dead—— BEEP——”

Kiera – “Do you feel like using these programs has impacted your learning?”

Shaun – “I feel like I have a better understanding of trinomials and factoring linear equations because of the tech, I think that its because the tech can give me multiple ways to figure out a problem. Working on Khan Academy helps me to work better at my own pace, for example the points. I see my friends have like 20,000 points and I want to beat them so I work really hard.”





Kiera – “What do you like about Blended Learning and having Chromebooks in your classroom?”

Markus – “ I like using Chromebooks better than writing, I would like to use it in all my classes if I had the chance. Why? It’s easier to complete an assignment on the Chromebook, because I type faster than I write. And it’s easier to search for directions on how to solve a particular problem.”

Kiera – “Do you feel like Blended Learning has impacted your learning?”

Markus –  “I feel like using Khan Academy has been helpful in my learning because it can show you why your answer’s wrong and I can learn and find the solution.”

Kiera – “Is there anything that you find difficult?”

Markus – “It is hard that even if you know it you gotta keep doing problems until you get proficient. It’s for a good reason, so that you can recognize the problem and how to do it on a test for example, but it’s annoying.  But I do really like working on what I want to, like Ill get help on what I think I need help with. “


As always, I had a wonderful day in classrooms. Emotions were running high as students prepped for Sunday’s Superbowl. Students were excited to talk about their party plans and imagine how great it will be if the 49ers come home with a victory, especially after the Giants won the world series.

Written by Kiera Chase

Kiera Chase

Blended Learning Coach at Envisions Schools


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