Netclick at Envision Schools

Netclick at Envision Schools

Several months ago I wrote a short piece about Imagine K-12 and made specific mention of a tool called Netclick. About a week later I spoke with our science teacher things just took off. She was instantly taken with the features that Netclick provides. She made an account and we tested it together. I put her in touch with the founder of the company and let nature take its course.

Now, two months later, I thought I should check back in and see how things are progressing. I would like to share some excerpts from a blog post that she wrote for Netclick:

I teach 9th grade Biology at City Arts and Technology High School. This year I was lucky to get a classroom set of chromebooks! As a teacher I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to use technology daily in the classroom but I also was a little confused about how to integrate the new technology into our classroom routines. We started using the chromebooks for online labs and for formative assessment quizzes at the end of our lessons. I have to admit this was a pretty lame way for the students to be using the technology. This all changed when Netclick came into our lives!

Since using Netclick, our classroom has transformed. Students now come into class, open up their individual chromebook, log on to Netclick and they can access our powerpoint or keynote. Students now set the pace for note taking. Many of my students have Individual Educational Plans or are English Language Learners. For these students, I can now easily modify our lesson. If I am going too quickly during the lesson, or if they don’t understand a concept they can control their learning by clicking back in the presentation and revisiting concepts. I also love Netclick because I can do multiple formative assessments throughout the presentation. The data that is provided through these 35 second to 1 minute check-ins has transformed our learning outcomes. I can ask a quick true or false, multiple choice, or fill in the blank question to see instant data about if the students are learning the material. Goodbye thumbs up/thumbs down, Hello real learning data! It helps me to quickly correct misunderstandings and to re-teach on the spot. The students also really like this type of check-in because it’s a way to celebrate academic growth. Many of the kids will clap when they get the answer correct. The data allows me to also look after class at individual student responses so I can do follow-ups with students and to offer additional assistance before they fall behind. Netclick also has a feature where students can click on sections of the presentation and select relevant parts of a representation. In Biology, that is one of our favorite features because now daily, students can interact with graphs, data tables, and diagrams.

Darren, the co-founder of Netclick came to view our classroom in action in November. He also got to interact with the students to hear their thoughts about the tool and was nice enough to give me an additional tutorial about the features of the website.


This has clearly been a successful partnership between a practicing teacher and an edtech company. It makes me happy that I was able to foster this collaborative relationship. This is a wonderful example of how edtech tools can, and do, support personalized learning within the classroom. I am excited to see what happens next!

Written by Kiera Chase

Kiera Chase

Blended Learning Coach at Envisions Schools

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. Erica’s great. We’re constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of teachers who take time to work with us.

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