Education Innovation Fellow Profile: How blended learning has changed the classroom for Angel Cintron

Education Innovation Fellow Profile: How blended learning has changed the classroom for Angel Cintron

For nearly three years, Angel Cintron, Jr., a social studies teacher at Charles Hart Middle School in Southeast Washington, D.C., had been the “sage on the stage” in his classroom—using the traditional teaching method where one teacher spends most of his time lecturing to 30 students. Angel worked tirelessly to support the needs of all his students in a school known to be one of the most challenging in the city, but still, he was not satisfied with his results.

However, Angel’s experience in the 2014 Education Innovation Fellowship (EIF) has persuaded him to think differently about how he teaches. The Fellowship has exposed Angel (along with 18 other D.C. teachers) to some of the most promising practices in blended and personalized learning so that he can leverage these practices in his own classroom to meet the individualized needs of his students.

A core requirement of the Fellowship is that the Fellows draw from what they learn between January and April to design and launch blended learning pilot projects in summer school, which will then be expanded to their classrooms in the fall. Angel, however, couldn’t wait for summer to try out what he had already learned through the Fellowship.

After the Fellowship’s trip to California in February , Angel initiated a fundraising effort through to raise enough money and purchase Chromebooks to launch a station rotation model in his classroom. His classroom has changed, and in this video Angel talks about why he will never go back to the “sage of the stage” teaching method.


You can follow Angel on Twitter: @angelcintronjr.

To read more about Angel Cintron’s work at Hart Middle School and his thoughts on education, check out his blog: Edcentrist.

Written by Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Adam Hill is the Curator of Institutional Practice at Ingenuity Prep, a new public charter school in Southeast D.C. utilizing a blended learning model, and Curator of Fellowship Knowledge for the 2014 Education Innovation Fellowship. You can follow him on Twitter, @adam_ingenuity.

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