How Do You Use All of the Data? What Works? What Doesn’t?

How Do You Use All of the Data? What Works? What Doesn’t?

Making Usage Visible & Meeting Usage Recommendations


Teachers should commit to a level of implementation fidelity in their class. Back in November, we conducted a review of tech usage across all schools. On average, schools are using 60% of their digital content licenses, and of those using their licenses, approximately 50% of students are using digital content at the vendor’s recommended rate (e.g. 60 min per week online). Although our team does not advocate mandatory usage requirements, we would like schools to demonstrate greater levels of consistency and strategic intent in their usage of digital content, especially when they have opted to pay for a product or solution. We recently developed a monthly usage dashboard (see below) so school leaders can monitor their implementation fidelity, and we will continue to educate teachers on how to effectively integrate digital content into their curriculum. We were happy to celebrate the success of this dashboard, which made it easy for our School Leaders to track usage at their schools and make changes to schedule to enable more time for personalized learning.



Schools now have more data on student performance, but they need support accessing it. As students use digital content and online assessments, they produce large amounts of real time performance data. The challenge is that every digital content provider produces its own report and uses different metrics to assess student performance. In our observations, teachers have not been able to access this data consistently to inform their instruction. In addition, school leaders are asking for student level data integration across platforms and solutions, which do not readily exist today. Our team is currently determining the key data reports that teachers should be using per provider, exporting data if necessary, and scheduling training sessions to model data driven instruction.

Written by Jennie Dougherty

Jennie Dougherty is the Innovation Manager at KIPP Bay Area Schools.

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