The Chromebooks Arrive

The Chromebooks Arrive

Envision School‘s Vice President of Technology, Brad Rigney, had the unenviable task of getting our class set of new Chromebooks setup with just three days time before summer school started.  He was a bit surprised how easy the process went.

So we got 36 Chromebooks this week, and I’ll admit that I didn’t think we had the time we needed to get them set up on our network and ready for summer school in 3 days.  It turns out that the whole process took less than 2 hours. The hardest part of their setup was taking them out of the packaging.  We literally removed them all from the boxes, opened them up (they power on when you open the notebook), selected our network and entered our password.  5 minutes later they had all updated and presented us with a login screen.. Amazing, virtually zero setup!

And we’re not even using the “managed” Chromebooks yet, because we were not able to get them in time for the start of summer school.  The students arrive tomorrow morning, Monday, and will be taking their first spin on the Chromebooks. Curious to see what they think of them.

Written by Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer for the Silicon Schools Fund

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