Poll: Who Will Benefit More?

Poll: Who Will Benefit More?

Khan Academy Students or Traditional Summer School?

As a reminder, we randomly assigned students to one of two classes: one which uses no technology and the other which turns students loose on Khan Academy.  All the students are rising sophomores through seniors at Envision Academy in Oakland, CA and all did not successfully pass Algebra previously (most last year).

When the experiment starts on June 27th, all students will take a pre-test measure of their algebra proficiency.  After talking to several academics and exploring our options, we settled on the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) administered online by the University of California system.  Students in the control group (traditional summer school) and the treatment group (Khan Academy) will both take the MDTP at the start and end of summer school.  Our sample size for the study is small (about 25 students per class) so the statistical validity of the study won’t meet academic standards.  But we are really interested to compare the gains of the two groups.

Have a hunch of which group will show larger gains?  Give a quick reply on the survey and let us know what you think.

Written by Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer for the Silicon Schools Fund

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