72 Hours and Counting (Stanford d school perspective)

72 Hours and Counting (Stanford d school perspective)

After two class observations in the first three days, I’m dispelling my thoughts through a (slightly modified) feedback method championed at the Stanford d.school and asking a few questions for future observations:

I like…

  • The diversity of the classroom
  • The outspoken nature of some students
  • The camaraderie amongst students
  • The willingness of the teacher to try something new
  • The culture that the teacher is trying to establish
  • The ability of the teacher to manage the traditional classroom and blended classroom back to back
  • The ease of use with Chromebooks
  • The students’ eagerness to complete a new “streak” with the Khan exercises

I wish…

  • There was any easy way to take notes on the Chromebook
  • The classroom layout was more easily navigable
  • There was a fool-proof method to determine exactly where students should begin the Khan curriculum

I hope…

  • The students are willing to communicate with the project team
  • The students feel some ownership at the end of 5 weeks
  • The students create an organic community of learners around each other through Khan Academy and teacher support
  • Traditional enemies of classroom/computer management (i.e. YouTube, Pandora, social networks) can become enablers of increased engagement with learning
  • The students build the confidence to proactively engage the teacher when Khan Academy cannot accurately detect and correct deficiencies

I feel…

  • That stressing the differences between Chromebooks and textbooks is the key to student buy-in
  • The extrinsic motivators (streaks, badges, etc.) in Khan will need to be linked to external rewards/recognition
  • Side projects will be needed to keep the topics socially and culturally relevant


How Might We…

  • Further incorporate students’ normal uses of the Internet to supplement learning?
  • Capture students’ notes digitally for reference at a later point (by students and teacher)?
  • Physically represent the Khan Star Map in the classroom, or better…
  • Have the students physically embody the rewards/recognitions presented in Khan?
  • Rethink traditional classroom spaces for interaction in blended learning environments?
  • Encourage students to be mentors/tutors for one another?

Have any thoughts on these questions?  Hit the comments bubble by the blog title and share…

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