The Many Faces of EA’s Summer School

The Many Faces of EA’s Summer School

Show me how you felt when you…








… first learned you were part of this project.





… tried a new Chromebook






… took the online pre-assessment.





… realized that you had choice; that it was a self-driven path to learning math.





… realized that the bulk of the responsibility for learning was/is on you.





… passed your first streak.





… lost a streak/had a streak reset to zero.





… listened to music while you worked.





… watched a Khan video.





… learned about the grading rubric.





… solved a really hard problem successfully.





… (how you will feel when you) pass algebra at the end of summer school.

Written by Darri Stephens

Collaborator at EdSurge
& Envision Academy

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  1. Love this post. These photos speak volumes. Great idea.

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