A Student’s Perspective on Khan Academy

A Student’s Perspective on Khan Academy

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with an old student of mine. He was spending some time in the Learning Center working on math and I asked him about his experience using Khan Academy. We had a great conversation, some of which is captured on this Student Video.

I really appreciated this conversation because he was so thoughtful about his learning style and how Khan uses strategies that support his learning. I also thought his suggestions for improvements made a lot of sense. It is a good teaching strategy to break ideas down into smaller, more manageable parts so that the learner and integrate each new schema. Also, if the videos were made into visual chapters or sections it would be easier for the viewer to skim through and find specific information. This would address George’s concern that he has a hard time finding small bits of information in the longer explanation.

Written by Kiera Chase

Kiera Chase

Blended Learning Coach at Envisions Schools


  1. lynn kay

    When I tried to watch the video, all I got was a 2+ minute video advertising the service for uploading my own video. Too bad; would have liked to watch the video.

  2. Sorry about the glitch. It should be repaired now. I trust you will find the video interesting and insightful.


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