Blend My Learning Relaunch

Blend My Learning Relaunch

Over the summer of 2011, Envision Public Schools blogged actively on this website about its efforts to move to a blended-learning environment. The bloggers — from staff to students — talked about the highs, the lows, the easy steps, and the moves that caused them trouble. The contents were fresh and transparent — and, we heard, helpful to others thinking about moving to a blended-learning environment.

Today we at Innosight Institute are thrilled to be a part of taking Blend My Learning to the next level. No longer will the site feature only content from Envision Public Schools, but instead we will be opening it up to an array of bloggers from several different public schools talking about their efforts to “blend their learning.” Starting today, bloggers from High Tech High, and KIPP Adelante will be joining in the conversation with bloggers from Envision Public Schools around blended learning to reflect the honest challenges and successes of blended-learning implementation. We hope more bloggers from an array of schools will join us in the future so that we can have a diversity of viewpoints and experiences represented on the site.

We hope that this relaunched site will be a useful forum and collaborative tool for those currently working in blended learning, those who want to begin the transition to blended learning, and those curious about how it all works on the ground level. Have questions you want answered? Working through a similar problem at your school? We encourage you to use the comment section to begin the important dialogue of sharing ideas.

The dialogue around blended learning is nascent; the great proof points remain few. We hope this blog will be a small part of changing that in the years to come.

Written by Michael B. Horn

Michael B. Horn

Co-founder & executive director of education at Innosight Institute.

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