MySciHigh: A Lesson on Intermolecular Forces

MySciHigh: A Lesson on Intermolecular Forces

Today, they learned about intermolecular forces, IMF, (a.k.a. what keeps the world from falling apart) so that they would have the knowledge they’d need in order to succeed in their final unit project. Having done some interactive pre-lab, online exercises on IMF before coming to class for their lab, the students recorded their data from the lab exercise straight onto their MySciHigh pages – an online portfolio and notebook, if you will. Edits will be their homework for tonight, while their final lab write-ups will be due next week. It’s a good start, but not perfect.

Oh, but let me tell you. It was not always like this.

And, I know that you (out there) don’t know me, but I’m going to let you in on a recent epiphany.

I am lazy.

…which isn’t to say that under normal circumstances (and compared to normal people) I am actually a slob. On the contrary, I think I am rather hard-working. But when it comes to being part of this start up world, I am comparatively sluggish and slovenly.

So here’s what happened. Last week, I took the first few days of SMASH off (lazy) to fly to New York to watch my first students graduate from high school. Note: if you have not yet watched your first group of students graduate, be prepared to feel proud when you do.

When I returned, I was already behind. So much so, that much of the past two weeks have actually been a blur of playing catch-up. While we had spent the months (4) since winning the EDU Start Up Weekend, creating the unit project and curriculum for our pilot chem unit for SMASH, I showed up just in time to find out that NOTHING WORKED THE WAY WE WANTED IT TO. Of course.

Not the pages. Not the design. Not even logging on to the network. I mean, all I wanted to do was make a platform for learning that would make learning science fun again, but now all I ever want to do is to be a bum on the couch and close my eyes so I can stop staring at a computer screen waiting for emails.

Alas, after a long scramble of emails, texts, Google+ hangouts, walkthroughs, discussions, frustrations, me attempting to be lazy and ignoring the work I have to do…and even a minor staff shake-up, we have the picture you see above. And still, this is from a lazy (but luckily, relentless) start-up worker (start-uper?). Just imagine what’s going to be accomplished at the end when I get into the hang of this, my laziness is gone, and everything holds together perfectly.

Just like those good ol’ intermolecular forces.

Written by Sairina Tsui

High School Science teacher at Leadership Public Schools

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  1. If anyone can make it happen, it is definitely you. Good luck, Sai.

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