Impact Academy Roll-Out

Impact Academy Roll-Out

Last week the students at Impact Academy were introduced to their Chromebooks. The teacher put together a little presentation that ensured students were using them safely and that the routines for starting and ending class were crystal clear.

It is Friday. The time is 1:30 pm. The location is hot and sunny Hayward. I hear the soft beep that accompanies a G-chat. It is Denise (Algebra I teacher). Imagine my surprise when I read this message:


Apparently each block spent the day:

1. logging in to Chromebook,
2. getting on Khan Academy,
3. setting up their profile with their Algebra I teacher as their coach, and
4. participating in a little friendly competition.

The Challenge:

Which block can get the most energy points?!

Nothing like a little competition between blocks to get students excited. Needless to say, I am excited that the students are happily working away on math problems late on a Friday afternoon, and this makes me hopeful for the success of our blended learning project.

Written by Kiera Chase

Kiera Chase

Blended Learning Coach at Envisions Schools

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