Off To A Fantastic Start!

Off To A Fantastic Start!

The 2012/13 school year is off to a fantastic start at Cornerstone Charter Health High School! On the first day of school, our students came through our doors not quite sure what to expect. In that week, we focused entirely on our mission, vision and values. Students created videos that modeled respect, responsibility, and safety. They also broke into small groups and learned essential skills for high school that included note-taking, actively listening, and study skills.

We launched the software component of our blended learning program during the second week. Here, students began their online coursework with half using Compass Learning and the other half using Apex Learning. We saw little connectivity issues as our students were given passwords and usernames. Choosing to use Dell “All in One” desktops that were all hardwired helped us tremendously.

During our third week, our managers (teachers) have begun scheduling workshops with our students and providing them with face-to-face instruction. Our students began going to their relevance class and personalized physical fitness class as well. In this model, students will not simply be able to sit in a classroom and hear lectures. Our software requires a great deal of interaction, and our managers are using student-data to drive their instruction.

Some students initially were having a hard time getting used to being in our “Pod” for extended periods of time. So, an adjustment that we made was to give students a ten minute break, if they were in the Pod for longer than ninety minutes.

Many students really enjoy the workshop time as a way of clearing up concepts that they were having a hard time understanding. The face-to-face interaction also allows them to work on their interpersonal skills. In the most recent weeks, we will have launched our after school program, student government, and interscholastic sports.

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