2013 Education Innovation Summit DC

The Education Innovation Summit celebrated and shared D.C.'s most promising innovations in blended and personalized learning with educators throughout the city on December 7, 2013. During this day-long gathering, teachers, administrators, and other education leaders met and heard from the 2013 cohort of Education Innovation Fellows. They also heard from a growing network of national and local blended learning experts. School models being developed for Breakthrough Schools: DC were showcased in the afternoon.



  • Provide a forum for Education Innovation Fellows to share promising practices in blended and personalized learning with educators throughout Washington, D.C.
  • Introduce Breakthrough Schools: DC applicants who will share their emerging ideas for school design and redesign and receive feedback from educators throughout Washington, D.C.
  • Energize the D.C. education community around the potential of blended and personalized learning to improve student outcomes in DCPS and D.C. public charter schools.

Useful Links & Information

Morning Breakout Session Summaries

How to Choose (or Create) Digital Content for Your Classroom

Not all digital content is created equal. This session will provide participants with a framework to understand and evaluate digital content - with the end goal of selecting or creating digital content that best meets the instructional needs of their students. Facilitators will walk through the process they use to define instructional needs and make final decisions on the use of digital content in their classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to begin the process themselves.



  • Shane Donovan, Ninth Grade Physics Teacher, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School
  • Matt Kennedy, Tenth Grade History Teacher, Eastern Senior High School


Click here to download the session handout.

Experience a Blended Station Rotation Model from a Student’s Perspective

The best way to understand the merits of a blended classroom is to experience it yourself. In this session, participants will have the chance to learn more about three types of blended learning models by engaging in a blended station rotation. At the end of the session, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their blended learning experience and identify key learnings.



  • Tanesha Dixon, Middle School Social Studies Teacher & Technology Integration Coach, Wheatley Education Campus
  • Meghan Dunne, First Grade Teacher, Tubman Elementary School
  • Melissa Mauter, Eighth Grade Math Teacher, KIPP DC: KEY Academy


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Making Blended Out Of Lemons!

What do you do if you want to experiment with blended learning in your classroom but have limited resources? The facilitators of this session have successfully implemented blended learning models in their classrooms with limited hardware and software. During this session, you will have the opportunity to hear how they did it as well as receive resources and tips on how to get started in your classroom. Participants should attend this session if they are interested in learning how to make the most of current resources available in their schools.



  • Valyncia Hawkins, Fifth Grade Teacher, Anne Beers Elementary School
  • Rabiah Harris, Eighth Grade Science Teacher, Kelly Miller Middle School


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Giving Everyone a Paddle: A Frank Discussion about Lessons Learned in Three Blended Learning Pilots

Thinking about blending your classroom or school? Come and hear from three dynamic teachers who created and implemented successful blended learning pilots during summer school 2013. Based on their experiences this past summer, these Fellows have expanded their pilots to reach more students in their respective classrooms and schools. During this session, they will share their insights, challenges, and opportunities for growth in implementing blended learning models in a variety of school settings.



  • Kyle Morean, Technology and Media Literacy Teacher, Thurgood Marshall Academy
  • Ericka Senegar-Mitchell, Biotechnology Teacher, McKinley Tech High School
  • Rasheki Kuykendall-Walker, K-8 Assistant Principal and former teacher, Roots Public Charter School


Design Thinking: Innovative Problem Solving in Schools

This session will introduce participants to design thinking, which is an approach for practical, creative resolution of challenges. Design thinking is a deliberate process: define, research, ideate, prototype, implement, learn, and repeat. Teachers can use this process to solve a problem in their schools or classrooms. The facilitators will discuss design thinking as a solutions-oriented method to develop an innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in an exercise where they will collaborate and practice using design thinking to solve a problem in their classrooms.



  • Charlotte Hansen, Kindergarten Literacy Master Teacher, Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School
  • Kylie Alsofrom, Math and Science/Social Studies Coordinator and Teacher, DC Prep Public Charter School


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