Alpha Public School Students Talk about Blended Learning

Alpha Public School Students Talk about Blended Learning

Alpha students are responsible for this blog post. The paragraph that follows, the poster in the photograph, and the short video were all created by students at the school.

I believe that learning on computers and with teachers is great. Learning on a computer, you get to experiment with how much you know, and it presses your knowledge. With a teacher you get one-on-one help; you get to ask questions and you get to fully understand it. With teachers we learn percents, review fractions, and other stuff. On Khan Academy, we can pick what we want to learn, and on ST Math, they give us tests to see if we need to learn information like prime factors. Even in language arts, with our teacher we read fun books and ask questions about figures of speech. On the computer we read articles and answer questions. Overall, learning on a computer and with a teacher are both fun and helpful.

My name is Andrea Gonzalez and I am a student at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado. I love learning with our teacher and on our computers. I learn a lot in both!

My name is Kyle Martinez. I was born in San Jose. My favorite subject in school is math. I also like the programs we do in computers.

My name is Brandon Le. I was born in June 2001. My favorite activity to do is draw pictures.

Written by Maggie Brenner

Maggie Brenner

Maggie Brenner is a founding 6th grade teacher and Teach For America corps member at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado where she teaches all subjects in a self-contained classroom. She comes from New York City where she previously worked in operations for a network of charter schools and before that for the New York City Department of Education.

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