Is a Strategic Plan Your School’s Magic Bullet?

Is a Strategic Plan Your School’s Magic Bullet?

Schools and districts construct Strategic Plans of all sorts in the effort to create the masterful document that will lead them to growth and academic achievement. In some cases these documents may also be known as the school’s new instructional model, school improvement plans and the like. The brutal truth is that this magical document, no matter how thoughtful, inclusive, and well crafted it may be will become another useless binder on the bookshelf in your office unless the people of the organization breathe life into the pages.

The Strategic Plan is a necessary foundational component containing the blueprint to promote organizational change, yet it cannot stand-alone. Hiring the best consultants, forming strategic committees, and including all stakeholders may all be necessary components for its creation, but it will not guarantee operational success or high academic achievement. The “Magic” of the strategic plan extends from the human capital charged with implementing the stratagems, processes and procedures that make up this liberating document. The development of a strong culture amongst all stakeholders to implement the strategic plan with fidelity will create another sturdy pillar to strengthen the likelihood that the mission and vision can be realized.

This message is for you administrators looking to create change within your district, school, etc. Do your due diligence with regards to planning, be bold and innovative, but keep in mind that without investing in the right human capital to manage and implement the building of culture from this blueprint, this “Magic Bullet” will become one of the most expensive and largest paperweights that you have ever purchased.

Written by Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst

Gregory Hurst is a Blended Instruction Specialists with Matchbook Learning, a national non-profit partner provider specializing in school turnarounds.

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