How Do You Build Community Awareness?

How Do You Build Community Awareness?

At KIPP Bay Area schools we build awareness of a digital content solutions by ensuring that the insights from our educators shape the technology they are using. To be more specific, below is a contest that was created by Achieve3000 after they received feedback from our teachers. Below, I’ve pasted the email we sent out to celebrate this collaboration and the opportunity to talk with students about character traits:



BIG DATA is so last year! At KIPP Bay Area we’re all about Gritty Data!


Sometimes its about finding new programs that are awesome. Other times, its about making the programs we have the programs we want them to be. Shaping technology to meet our needs isn’t easy and requires the insights of someone who is both visionary, and deeply aware of the classrooms’ needs. Luckily, the Tech Specialist Team is made up of super heroes like Bryan Twarek who uses his powers to make a product go beyond-z. Armed with his intrepid data insights, the innovation team shared with Achieve3000 Bryan’s brilliant ideas:


1. Weekly classroom level data reports at school or regional level reports that students can see in real time.
2. Data will not only be current metrics/measurements but also provide new categories that show “growth” and “grit” and align data to KIPP character traits.


To celebrate these updates, Achieve3000 has launched a competition will provide weekly, (or more frequent) reports of each classroom’s “growth” and “grit” measurements. Classrooms that choose to participate will be able to see the progress of other classrooms.


Innovation that benefits our entire region begins as a question or insights from our teachers and School Leaders. Like Bryan, teachers at KIPP Heartwood and KIPP San Francisco College Prep have asked insightful questions about Khan and ST Math. These questions brought forth new resources that we’ve detailed in links provided below.



Written by Jennie Dougherty

Jennie Dougherty is the Innovation Manager at KIPP Bay Area Schools.

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