Have You Been Tapped?

Have You Been Tapped?

Recently I have been conducting research on the human capital framework to refine the core competencies, behaviors, and personality traits that are most relevant to predict success in the Blended Learning environment. During this process I uncovered many bodies of work leading to a framework that has continued to be developed to the point where several core competencies have risen to the top as key look-fors to be considered when hiring educators in the Blended Learning environment (to be discussed in a future blog post). I mention this current project because it led to the topic at hand. As the desired skill focus begins to narrow, we begin to look into our networking circles to find people who are the right fit for positional needs, leading to the all important “Tap” on the shoulder.

As I began to sift through the research and data on how we look to attract, hire and develop the best human capital to take on the many different roles needed in our Blended Learning (BL) Schools, I realized that the desired key competencies begins to narrow from a wide range into a finer focus. As the comparison ensues between the elements of good traditional teaching and the instructional practices in the BL environment, there are many overlapping competencies that transition between both instructional models, yet there are specific abilities necessary for BL that narrows the lens for human capital recruitment.

We see in business practices almost on a daily basis, whether public or private, there is a constant search for the “right” candidate to lead the company into the next stage of success. Within the area of education we sometimes forget that there is ultimately an educational model, a mission and vision that will drive the school’s direct impact on student achievement. I would argue that educating our youth is paramount to a business model that focuses on creating the latest tech innovation. I say this not to discredit innovation, but to make the statement that without great schools there will be no talent to lead these companies.

The refined position descriptions and narrowed competencies desired may ultimately reduce the number of qualified candidates who are doing the work required, or those who have the potential to do the work based on their previous experiences and competencies. We often find that when you are the ones heading the innovation, the human capital potential significantly decreases when solely hiring from experience. I mention experience and potential because both may have equal importance when searching for the “right” candidate.

This is where the “Tap” comes into play. Building your own brand as a professional within your area of expertise and practice can ultimately open doors that will unlock the skylight on your glass ceiling. As you move up the corporate, business, and/or educational ladder, your reputation and brand will tell your story and ultimately becomes your resume. The accumulated resources within your professional toolkit, including what you know, your proven professional record of achievement, in combination of the network of professionals in and around your area of practice, will deem the need for sending resumes to hundreds of job posts just to get one interview irrelevant.

I would encourage you to think about your current professional reputation and profile, your goals, and what you have accomplished over your professional tenure. Are you content with where you have currently established yourself as a professional? If not, have you focused on your next steps, and/or established goals to get there? Have you committed to preparing yourself to move into the next position desired? If you put in the work to make yourself attractive professionally, people will be trying to “Tap” you all the time.

Written by Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst

Gregory Hurst is a Blended Instruction Specialists with Matchbook Learning, a national non-profit partner provider specializing in school turnarounds.

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  1. This is interesting Greg. While I can’t say I”m being “tapped” all the time, I can say my background and skill set was purposefully nurtured and built to get to my current role as founding Principal of Minnesota’s first Flex Academy. We are pre-operational now. I will begin recruiting in February of 2015. I’m very eager to see your research and core competencies in the future. Hopefully before February! Any readers interested in joining our journey in the Twin Cities (one of the greatest places to live in the country!)…feel free to reach out to me.

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