clear drinking glass with ice cubes

What Happens When Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

When alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly begins to have an effect on the body. In small amounts, alcohol can cause a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. However, as the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream increases, so do the negative effects.
woman's lips

Why Do Lips Thin With Age?

Full, luscious lips are often seen as a sign of youth and beauty. So, it's no surprise that many people are concerned when their lips begin to thin as they age.

Does BCAA Before or After Workout Matter?

BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) are a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts because they're thought to enhance muscle growth and recovery. But there's one big question that's still up for debate: does it really matter when you take your BCAA supplement?

Kinesthetic Learning Incorporates Physical Activity to Aid Education

In the educational sector, teachers need to find novel and innovative ways to keep students interested and engaged in the classroom. That’s why many have developed lessons that suit different learning styles. One of such is kinesthetic learning. What’s kinesthetic learning? It gets its name from kinesiology, which is the…
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4 Winter Landscaping Ideas

In the middle of winter, when everything is iced in white and the grass is dead, many homeowners are tempted to ignore their yards for a few months. However, a little upkeep can go a long way towards ensuring that your yard looks great year round. Here are some great…
red tractor on brown field during daytime

How to Winterize Your Tractor

The end of the mowing season is here, and you still have some things to do before putting your lawn tractor away for the winter. We’ve got step-by-step instructions on how to get through our quick checklist in 15 minutes or less! 1) Put gas stabilizer in the mower’s fuel…
gray tree trunk on grassland

Creative Ways to Use Fallen Trees and Limbs

Trees are of great economic importance; even when they fall, they still have a lot of uses; you may have a falling tree in your compound or on your property and not know what to do with it. Stick with us as we explore various ways you can use your…