We got into this business because we saw firsthand how much the traditional approaches to education were leaving people behind. As teachers, we saw the light fade from so many students’ eyes no matter how hard we tried to inspire them. There just had to be a better way.

Our Purpose

We knew there had to be a better way to spark curiosity and meet students where they’re at.

So we set out to create a learning environment that leverages the tools kids already use in their daily lives and blends the most effective techniques from traditional and online formats. Our classrooms are vibrant communities where every student receives individualized support and guidance.

Through continually exploring new research and strategies, we aim to provide a comprehensive education that nurtures each person’s strengths and interests. Whether lessons are participated in at school, at home, or on the go, our goal is to acquire skills and knowledge an inspiring experience.

Our Goals

  • Support our Teachers – We want to give instructors all the resources and training they need to blend technology and hands-on techniques into lessons that light students up. Our dream is to see minds busting at the seams with creative plans to share their passion.
  • Make Education Work for Every Kid – We focus on each student’s unique way of making sense of the world. By mixing virtual and real-world learning, our hope is that lessons finally stick for all types of thinkers.
  • Keep Sparks Flying – Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. We advocate for ongoing classes and workshops through our online programs to feed any appetite. Education is a journey and we want company for every mile.

Meet the Team

Nicholas Evans is a passionate educator with a unique approach to teaching that blends both modern and old-fashioned styles. With over a decade of experience in the classroom, Nicholas has developed a teaching philosophy that values the best of both worlds, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for his students.

Brian Greenberg is a freelance content creator and a dedicated contributor to Blend My Learning. With a keen interest in a variety of niches, Brian has found his true passion in the field of education. Over the decades, he has closely followed the latest trends in the industry, recognizing the immense potential that modern technologies bring to the educational landscape.

Are you looking for new ways to learn and teach? We are building a community for educators and students.

The system hasn’t changed in years. But we are excited to pioneer modernized methods. So join us. There are innovative peers ready to collaborate. Where education could go when we team up? Your potential is limitless. Do not be afraid to try fresh approaches. We’re here to help you reach it.